July 10th-16th, Sun to Sat
Who Can Go:
Campers Entering Grades 7-9
Event Fee:
$520.00 - $680.00
Tiered Pricing
Deans Letter:
Deans Letter (PDF File)
Guides & Health Forms:

Join us for this amazing adventure camp!


Have you had the magnificent chance to call to the islands across from Pilgrim Lodge? Have you had the opportunity to awaken the Echo there? Has the Echo called back to you? Let’s spend the week seeking and listening for the spirit’s calling on Manitou Island!

Campers will spend a week together tenting on Manitou Island, with Staff, setting up a low-impact camp, building fires in order to cook and sustain ourselves.

We’ll find the excitement of outdoor adventure on canoe trips, hikes, and water excursions.

We’ll still ourselves through crafting, music, meditation, – coming together as a community to live on an island far from the  hurried, busy pace of everyday life.

Come! Listen for the spirit of Manitou calling you!